Women’s Roles in Society (opinion)

Women’s roles in society in regards to myth, legend and forklore are vary throughout different regions. For example, in Greek Mythology, Mother Earth was respected at the goddess of all. But women in mythology are usually respected only for their ability to create life and support it, because that is something men were incapable of. Women were necessary to continue living. However, women were seen as weaker and usually only goddesses of things like love (Aphrodite), wisdom (Athena), and marraige (Hera); whereas men were gods of war (Ares), fire (Hephaestus) and the sea (Posiedon).

I think that women’s portrayal in forklore and mythology largely effected the way that women have been treated throughout history. Women have commonly been oppressed. Only within the last hundred years have women even become able to vote in our “modern” society. History throughout and all around the world shows that women were to be married young and have children young, because that’s what they’re good for. Men are meant to hunt, feed and protect their family and their people.


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