Evolution of Fairy Tales (response)

Response to: http://listverse.com/2009/01/06/9-gruesome-fairy-tale-origins/

Fairy tales have always been around. Children have grown up with them for many generations. Fairy tales are meant to teach children the morals to abide by throughout their lives. However, they have changed a lot since the Grimm brothers first published them. For example, Disney has recreated many of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales but they’ve changed them a lot. All of the gruesome parts are gone. Like in Cinderella, the Grimm brothers fairy tale says that the step sisters cut off parts of their feet trying to get the slippers to fit and doves peck their eyes out at Cinderella’s wedding. None of that is in Disney’s version.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of Fairy Tales (response)

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