What Myth Means to Me

“What does mythology mean to you?  What experiences or interests lead you to this moment, when you have to answer this question?  Why are you interested in the study of the world’s most ancient stories?  Is this a quest you’re undertaking intentionally, or is it something that you were thrown into?” -Mrs. Neal.

Mythology to me, is a senior english credit, an experience and an intriguing quest. I didn’t initially want to take this class, I wanted to take Teaching Academy, so I could experience working with kids, but that class wasn’t offered third period. Sorry, Mrs. Neal 🙂 Now that I’ve been “thrown into” this class though, I truly enjoy it. Throughout my twelve years of school, I’ve been expected to understand, remember and interpret history. And regardless of how many times the history of our world, the universe and the country have been reiterated to me, I cannot remember or interpret what I’ve been told happened before now. Mythology for some people seems like common knownledge, at least that’s the way it looks to me. But for me, I have to read and reread the stories of our ancestors, whether its the Greeks or the Civil War. So, for me, mythology is a look into the past that I can’t remember. The past that I believe will repeat itself. Did you know many scholars have said that the things that are happening in our American “empire” mimic the events that lead to the fall of the Roman Empire almost exactly? That makes me want to know everything there is to know about history. I think Mythology can help with that.   





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